World longest man made dragon

One Day trip to visit the world longest man made golden dragon in Malaysia on 3 Dec 2017. The length of the dragon is 1,000 feet in total. The size of this photo is 196MP, 24MB a the resolution of 14,000 x 14,000 pixel.

Nirvana Golden Dragon is the world’s longest man-made dragon structure. The magnificent 1,000 feet long dragon body is shaped by 10,000 pieces of ceramic tiles which are imported form China. Statue of the Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy perches on the Dragon’s head signifying peacefulness of the park. The interior of the dragon is fully with air-conditioned and solemn ash urn installation ceremonies are equipped with advanced laser lighting system and sound effect are being held at the Prayer Hall. The magnificence of the Nirvana Golden Dragon is clearly a combination of the finest in traditional art and modern architectural skills.

Dragon Spherical 800

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