Raspberry Pi Games

sudo apt-get install ketm -y
sudo apt-get install pingus -y
sudo apt-get install supertux -y
sudo apt-get install torcs -y

Games That Work On The Pi, please click here for more details.

PiKiss Jose Cerrejon

To install copy this into terminal

curl -sSL https://git.io/JfAPE | bash


Armagetron as it’s been succinctly put, is a Tron Clone in 3d. It replicates the lightcycle sequence of the movie Tron as an immersive playable game. A game that’s been enjoyed by all ages for years. This port to the Raspberry Pi aims to continue that tradition for a new generation of players.

Credit where credit is due, I didn’t do this all by myself. In fact, what I’ve done constitutes the smallest fraction of the work. So please, give thanks to Voodoo who did the hard work of porting the OpenGL engine to OpenGL ES, and to the rest of the Armagetron Advanced development team who have contributed to the project over the years. And of course, don’t forget Z-man.

Visit the official web site here.